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How To Root BLU Studio 5.5S (D630u)

BLU Studio 5.5S is powered by Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7 Processor with Mali-400 GPU. It has Mediatek MT6582M chipset. It has 5.5 inches IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 540 x 960 pixels Resolution with 16M colors and run on Android OS, v4.2 (Jelly Bean) and it has 1GB RAM and 4GB internal storage.

BLU Studio 5.5S has great performance, but you must be root your phone, because root gives us a power to use maximum of your phone without any restrictions. After root you can install custom Rom, custom setting and apps in your phone.

BLU Studio 5.5S

Rooting may cause hardware damage and may even lose warranty, prior to use at your own risk.

How To Root BLU Studio 5.5S Easily

  1. Download Framaroot 1.9.2. After you have successfully downloaded the APK to your BLU Studio 5.5S, install it just like any other app. You might need to enable “Unknown sources” (Settings> Security > Unknown sources) if the app won’t install.
  2. Open the installed Framaroot application on your phone.
  3. Choose Install SuperSU
  4. You will now see few options available (exploits) on the screen just click “Barahir“.
  5. Wait until the ROOT process finishes and come up a notice on the screen. If you get a message that says “Success … Superuser and su binary installed”.
    framaroot root success
  6. Then Reboot or restart the android.

To ensure that the rooting is done by install root checker app that available from Google Play Store.


  1. Would you mind posting where I can find a stock ROM for this device to have on hand before I root it? Thanks in advance!!

  2. Works well thank you! However, and apart from the fine work done here, there is no way I can find to get a good backup of this device or a stock rom should something go wrong. There are no bootlloader programs I can find that have been customized to do a backup of this device and installing the SDK and Java with adb.exe only provide mixed results. The SDK supplied Google USB driver inf file can be modified with a Blu hardware ID (the one seen in Device Manager after Developer tool USB Debug has been enabled) and the SDK can then communicate with the device. Doing the adb backup will copy a significant file size backup.ab to the Windows 7 PC but then goes to sleep with no completion message, at least on the PC side once the D630u ends the session. The phone in some instances says backup complete but the adb PC session is left active and does not terminate. Attempting an adb restore for the most part provides that about 1/2 the apps are restored, must be done several times (turn on I/O traffic in Windows task manager and watch the data numbers as the restore proceeds). With many of the apps only the icons are restored and the app still has to be reinstalled. Much of the app configuration is missing and the apps on the SD card are restored sometimes to the SD card where they were or in an unpredictable state on the system device internal memory.

    This device is enjoyable and functions well, but the available backup/restore options just don’t seem to have arrived yet. So at this point it is highly advisable one doesn’t do too much experimenting until they do. Apps like Android Firewall and Ad Blocker work well with this mod (outside of Ad Blocker being way over aggressive on some non-popular home-made sites that have no ads) but as far as the integration of popular apps which call for root access, everything appears to be performing as expected with this D630u rooting app. Enjoy!

  3. Rooted my blu studio 5.5 S about two months ago and haven’t had any problems since. Love the total control that rooting your device affords me. Waiting on the studio 5.0 LTE to drop, so I can swap out my S and proceed to root that LTE ,ASAP!! Seemless process with the blus but things get tricky trying to install custom ROMS. Proceed with caution indeed .

  4. Michael AndDanielle Jordan

    SuperSu is only for rooted phones. How can you install this?

  5. Amigos yo no e podido root my Blu hago todo lo que dice la explicación pero cúando reinicio mi cell esta igual . Que pasa que puede hacer.?

  6. Muy bueno este Móvil excelente y rápido lo recomiendo