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How To Root And Unroot Fly IQ441 Radiance

So you owns an Fly IQ441? Yes its a great phone but wait any Android is not complete until you root it. Rooting is about getting the super user access on your smartphone.

You’ve got your smartphone. It’s new, shiny and neat. You can go online from it while you’re out and about and download cool apps to keep you company whenever you get bored. But can you download any app you want? What about custom themes? And did you ever feel like altering or replacing system applications and settings on your phone because they’re not so user friendly? Well, the thing is you can’t do whatever you want with your smartphone.

For security reasons, phone manufacturers and mobile network operators impose software limitations. However, these limitations can be overruled by rooting your Android phone, although it is not advisable. Especially if you don’t have antivirus for Android installed, to protect you from mobile malware.

Thanks to Framaroot by alephzain, rooting your Fly IQ441 Radiance phone is simpler than ever. Not only is this rooting solution super-quick and easy to execute, but it also provides you a 100% guarantee against any rooting related malfunction on your Android device.

Fly IQ441 Radiance

Follow this step by step guide to get root privileges on Fly IQ441.

  1. Download the latest version of Framaroot and install the APK.
  2. Now, Open Framaroot select the action to perform. Select “Install SuperSU”.
  3. Thereafter, in the rooting menu, Select an exploit in list above to potentially root your device as BOROMIR and proceed further. The rooting has now started and you will be getting an awesome success message.
  4. After the end of the installation process, reboot your device and All Done! If there is a SuperSU icon on your phone, it means the root process was successful.

To unroot, follow the same procedure but select “unroot” while performing step 2 and skip further. It will automatically unroot your device.

Let us know in the comments area below if you have any trouble or question while rooting the Fly IQ441 Radiance on Android 4.2 Jellybean software update.