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How to Move a Free Fire Guest Account to Another Phones

In the Free Fire game, we can login to the game using several social media accounts such as a Facebook account, Google Play Game account and vk account. In addition to the previous accounts, you can also directly enter the game using a guest account. This guest account is a guest account, so you can login to the Free Fire game without using a social media account. But there is something you should pay attention to when logging into the game with a guest account, your game account status is not safe, because if your smartphone is reset then your guest account will be lost and you will not be able to access your game account again, for that it is obligatory for you to bind your game account to one of the social media can be Facebook, Google account or vk account. After your account is bind, then you can login on any device you want but if you don’t want to bind your account to social media but want to login on other devices use guest account, i have the way. This way you can move your guest account to another device without having to bind the account to social media first. How to? Read on to find out.

How to Move a Free Fire Guest Account to Another Smartphones

If you want to try how to move a Free Fire guest account to another smartphones then you can see the tutorial below.

1. On your old smartphone that has a guest account, please enter the file manager2. Select Phone Storage / Internal Storage 3. Go to the com.garena.msdk folder 4. There will be a guest account file, you just have to send the guest account file to the other smartphone that you will move the guest account to .

How to Move a Free Fire Guest Account to Another Phones 1

5. You can send / transfer your guest account via share it, bluetooth or Whatsapp freely. After the guest account file is sent, open your new smartphone7. After that, delete the Free Fire game data. How to Delete Free Fire Game Data:- Go to settings- Select Apps- Tap Manage Apps- Select Free Fire- Tap Clear Data- Tap Delete All Data8. Then go to the file manager, open the internal storage / phone, go to the com.garena.msdk folder, delete the guest account file on your new phone9. Then paste / paste your guest account file that was sent to internal storage – com.garena.msdk 10. Done, now you just have to open your Free Fire game and login using your guest account as usual, you will automatically be able to move your guest account to another smartphone without bindSo that’s how to move a Free Fire Guest Account to another smartphone, hopefully it’s useful and good luck

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