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How to Likee Duet Easily

Besides TikTok, one of the popular short video sharing apps is Likee. Likee was released by Bigo Technology in 2017. Just like on TikTok, even on likee we can make cool short videos. The features in Likee are also quite complete. You can make short videos with various sticker effects available, there is also a time feature where you can make slow motion or fast motion videos without using any additional apps. You can also add text to your video to make it cooler. One of the features in the Likee app is the duet feature. With this duet feature you can join other people’s videos without using any video editing apps such as VN, capcut, kinemaster, etc. because the features are already available in the likee app directly. Then how do you combine 2 videos in 1 screen in the Likee app without any additional apps? Stay with us, you will find the answer here.

How to Likee Duet Easily

For users who intend to follow how to likee duet easily then you can see the tutorial as follows.

1. Please enter the likee app.

2. Select the video you want to duet.

3. Tap the right arrow icon on the right.

How to Likee Duet Easily 1

4. Tap Duets.

How to Likee Duet Easily 2

5. After that, your video will automatically join the duet video, there you can set stickers, filters, etc. before you start recording the duet video.

6. To start recording, please tap the record icon.

How to Likee Duet Easily 3

7. If you have, you can edit your duet video again, tap Next.

How to Likee Duet Easily 4

8. To post the video, please tap Vlog.

How to Likee Duet Easily 5

9. Wait until the upload process is 100% complete.

So that’s how to duet on Likee easily without using any additional apps. Good luck.

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