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How To Get Root Access To Motorola Defy Without Computer Using Framaroot

The Moto Defy Plus brings only a 1 GHz processor which isn’t sufficient to run the latest iterations of Android. No matter what the world thinks about it, the Android Community will always love it and to prove that, it has come up with a root method for the device. The procedure is very simple but only if you stick to the rules, specially if you are new to such things.

Framaroot offers you the easiest way to root your android phone. The program was first designed for rooting Moto Defy but now it works on an almost maximum number of Android phones. Using the program for rooting purpose is also easy where you just have to download the program on your phone and then run the program. You do not need any computer or any other assistance when you are using Framaroot to root your android phone.

There is an android phone number of additional benefits that you can after rooting your Moto Defy. One of such benefit is that you can now install special applications and also various custom ROMs. All these can add extra features to your device and its performance.

You will void your phone’s warranty if you root it. However, you can get it back by either installing stock firmware or unrooting your phone.

How To Get Root Access To Motorola Defy Plus

  1. Download the latest version of Framaroot and install the APK.
  2. Now, Open Framaroot select the action to perform. Select “Install SuperSU”.
  3. Thereafter, in the rooting menu, Select an exploit in list above to potentially root your device as GIMLI and proceed further. The rooting has now started and you will be getting an awesome success message.
  4. Once done, reboot the device.

When your Motorola Defy+ boots up, it should be rooted. Open app drawer and look for a new app called SuperSU there. You can also verify the root using Root Checker app from the Google Play Store.

To UNROOT, follow the same procedure but select “unroot” while performing step #2 and skip further. It will automatically unroot your device.