How To Extract – Lollipop DAT files

Today, we share how to extract file or derive system dump of Android devices. Even if you need a particular file app for your device, you can unpack it yourself if you have the firmware file. I tested this method on a file from a Nexus 5 factory image package.

The file is somewhat similar to the system.img file. It can be used to derive or extract system dump of any Android OS. This dump generally consists of the stock or default apps, ringtones, wallpapers, themes and a few other necessary system files.

Sadly, performing this task on a Windows PC is difficult. There are a lot of limitations when on Windows platform. There are a few tools which guarantee to do this. However, none were found promising to me except one.

  1. Extract extractor
  2. Copy Sytem.transfer.list and to folder extractor2
  3. Double click Extraktor_EN.cmd and type option: 1 (Unpacking extractor3
  4. Wait till the system dump files are extracted to your desired folder.
  5. Now open the folder extract_file_here where files have been extracted. You’ll have your system dump files there.

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