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How To Extract System.new.dat – Lollipop DAT files

Today, we share how to extract System.new.dat file or derive system dump of Android devices. Even if you need a particular file app for your device, you can unpack it yourself if you have the firmware file. I tested this method on a System.new.dat file from a Nexus 5 factory image package.

  1. Extract SystemExtractor_v1.2.zip
    system.new.dat extractor
  2. Copy Sytem.transfer.list and System.new.dat to folder place_for_system.new.dat_system.transfer.list_here
    system.new.dat extractor2
  3. Double click Extraktor_EN.cmd and type option: 1 (Unpacking system.new.dat)
    system.new.dat extractor3
  4. Wait till the system dump files are extracted to your desired folder.
  5. Now open the folder extract_file_here where files have been extracted. You’ll have your system dump files there.

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  1. Plzzzz….update link…!

  2. I did everything well as explained .. and i got :

    File extract_file_here\system.new.img not found

    please help …

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