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How To Create Transparent Background On Samsung Galaxy

This simple method to created transparent background on samsung galaxy ICS and JB.

Remember: always perform backup before replace any system file! Also, I’m no responsible for any problems that may occure on your phone.

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  1. Using Photoshop or similar create a trasparent image (% as you wish) and save it as .png. If you insert a texture or image, use your device resolution for better results. Make two copies and rename its as “background_holo_dark.png“.
  2. Decompile framework-res.apk.
  3. Browse to res/values and open styles.xml. Search code for “<style name=”Theme.Holo” parent=”@style/Theme”>
  4. On it, search this line “<item name=”windowShowWallpaper”>false</item>” and replace values with “true“. Save and close.
  5. Browse to res/drawable-nodpi and replace existing background_holo_dark.png with your image
  6. Recompile framework-res.
  7. Replace framework-res.apk on your device (Root explorer, adb, flash through recovery). Personally I also clear cache and dalvik cache
  8. Enjoy your modded apks!