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Guide to Root Huawei H868C Glory

Do you have this phone and want to root Huawei H868C Glory We are going to show you how to root Huawei H868C Glory. The rooting process is extremely easy, it will take just a few minutes.

Rooting and installing Custom ROM will void manufacturer’s warranty.

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Huawei H868C Glory

follow this way to root up your Huawei H868C Glory.

  1. Download The Framaroot app and install it on your Huawei H868C Glory.
  2. Open the installed Framaroot application on your phone.
  3. Choose Install SuperSU.
  4. There you will find a button probably named as Gandalf, so tap it once & wait for few moments.
  5. And you see a success message in your device’s screen.
  6. Reboot the device
  7. Bam, you’re rooted. Verify root with a ‘Root Checker’ app from Play, or run any app you know requires root and you should see a root permissions request

If you have any queries then you can leave a comment below or you can go and post it directly on the official thread at XDA forums.



  1. This didn't work I could not find a Framaroot app so I tried downloading the Super user app but it would not open on my phone it gives me an error message.

  2. Roderick R Chamblin

    How can you say it didn't work if you did not use the app mentioned?
    Did you try Google?…Do you know there is a link provided?
    Maybe the link wasn't there last year, but it's there now…and if the page (that we're on now) was the same as when you posted, then you should know that usually when you see some text that is a different color on a website, it usually means that it is a hyperlink and will take you to the mentioned app or website that hosts it. I
    In the above example, it says to download "the framaroot app "which is a hyperlink itself, and I confirmed that it DOES indeed take you to the host site where framaroot resides…they even have an updated version.

    I guess what I'm saying is if you couldn't find framaroot, then you didn't look very hard. 🙂

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