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Fastest Way To Root Sony Xperia T3 Without a Computer

Root your Sony Xperia T3 and enjoy the full power of your device.Rooting a phone has never been so easy thanks to one-click rooting tool. You don’t need any more to perform long guides to root an Android device. You also don’t need a computer also. All the rooting process is made so simple thanks to one-click tool.

Rooting a device gives you more privileges to it. After rooting the phone you can do lot of things with it like installing Custom ROMs.

xperia t3

There are many advantages of rooting and many disadvantages. I won’t tell all as our purpose is not to know the advantages and disadvantages of rooting, but still one disadvantage is “Warranty gets void after rooting a Smartphone” well, this is something which would change the decision of the user that’s why I said it! Don’t care about the warranty? then why wait let’s begin!

This article is about guide to root your Sony Xperia T3 easy and fast.

  • Download the rooting package to your phone. Once done, install the kingroot.apk on your device.
  • Next, open the app. It will take some time to root the phone.
  • Finish and Reboot your phone!.
  • You have now succesfully Rooted your Xperia T3. Check out for an application in your application drawer with the name as KingUser. This is the proof of a rooted device.

With KingUser, you’ll be able to easily manage root by denying or granting root access to any apps that ask for it. Make sure you don’t grant access to any app you don’t recognize, or don’t think needs root access.


  1. This application sends your IMEI to the developer. Given that it’s Chinese, you might be feeding into the counterfeit market by using this program.

  2. tried using kingroot 5 times still no good on rooting

  3. Root is incomplete.

    Go to xda dev…

  4. No success (a806) several times! –> “Kingroot Auth error”

  5. fake:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))