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Easy Root THL V12 Without PC

If you own a THL V12, you can now easily root your device. What exactly is the function and the main purpose of rooting the phone? Its main function is actually rooting android super user so we have to be able to fully control our android phone.

When you root your phone you can remove any apps that were pre-installed on your device. While you couldn’t have done this normally, now you can remove all of those bloated apps that did nothing take up space and slow down your device.

There are a lot of third party apps out there you won’t find on the Google Play Store. These apps won’t work on your phone unless it’s rooted. Additionally, there are even some apps still in the Play Store that will only work properly with a rooted phone.

It doesn’t stop there, custom ROMs are all over the place just waiting to be taken advantage of with added functionality you would either never get in a first party app, or just builds upon an already existing app’s features.

Along with great functionalities and features rooting has to offer, it also has some downsides. Once you root your device, you are also (possibly) voiding its warranty.

Root THL V12 Using Framaroot app

  1. Download the Framaroot APK to your THL V12 device.
  2. Now, install the APK that has been downloaded in Step one onto the THL phone.(Please Enable “Unknown Source” Setting>Personal>Security Setting and Enable Unknown Source)
  3. Now, Open Framaroot select the action to perform. Select “Install SuperSU”.
  4. Now select the exploit. Then click “Boromir” (if it work they going to mention Success if not it will mention Failed) and if it work Please Reboot your device.
  5. Now after your device reboots, THL V12 should be now rooted successfully.

You can now install any app that requires root permission. Verify the root status of the device by downloading Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

And if for some reason something does go wrong, you can tell us about it in the comments and we will do our best to help you overcome. Then you can enjoy your phone without restrictions, responsibly.