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Easy Root Method Lenovo S890 Without PC

Rooting lenovo s890 is extremely easy. You don’t even need a computer to root lenovo s890. We shall be using the Framaroot one click rooting tool to root lenovo s890. This is made possible by the efforts of Alephzain from XDA Developers. He released Framaroot, the one click root tool in the forum.

The need for root comes when one feels limited with the stock walls. In fact, there are only a few things you can manage being none-rooted whereas rooted Android can reach the full potential of the mobile device. So simply, an Android rooted can install Custom ROMs, go with system alterations, install powerful apps and so much more in order to make it capable of a lot of functions.

With all these and more you will be able to increase the battery strength, put a positive impact on the device’s performance making the device extremely powerful than just seen in the stock.

But to get with all these, you should be agreed to get parted with the device’s warranty. So the whole responsibility of the master root process should take at your own whereas no party going to hold the responsibility if anything goes wrong.

How To Root Lenovo S890 Using Framaroot

  1. Download and install Framaroot apk file into your lenovo s890.
  2. Open Framaroot app once it’s installed, and select the action to perform. Select “Install SuperSU”.
  3. From the list exploit, select “Boromir
  4. Once the exploit is selected, the device would be rooted and you would see a message “Success… Superuser and su binary installed. You have to reboot your device
  5. Reboot the smartphone, and now you will get superuser and su binary installed in the smartphone.
  6. Once the rooting is done, Congratulations your phone is now rooted properly, now you can get all the root access in your Lenovo S890.

To check whether you have successfully rooted the phone or not, you can install “Root Checker” app from Google Play Store.

How To Unroot
-Run the ‘Framaroot’ app.
-Now, you must select the action to execute after root as UNROOT.
-Select an exploit, from the list to root the devices as Boromir. The process would take just 2-5 seconds and your will get ‘Success’ message. This will unroot your device after the reboot.



  1. Franklin Iroabuchi

    Thanks. I’ve finally rooted my lenovo S890.
    Only version 1.6 was able to be installed on my phone, version 1.9 did not install.