How To Create updater-script (GUI Based)

How To Create updater-script (GUI Based) 1

For many people, it can be pretty difficult to create an updater-script. Thankfully, there are some tools that can help out with basic commands such as a GUI-based utility by XDA Forum Member Octanium91 called Android Script Creator that allows you to create an updater-script with just a few clicks.

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How To Root BLU Life Pure Mini

How To Create updater-script (GUI Based) 2

If you have a BLU Life Pure Mini, and you want to root the device, JellyDroid offers step-by-step instructions. However, thanks to the greaty developers at Framaroot App, root can be attained with just one click now, and not just for the BLU Life Pure Mini, but for almost any …

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How to use Boot Animation Creator

How To Create updater-script (GUI Based) 3

Developed by XDA Senior Member despotovski01, Boot Animation Creator is a free program that makes creating Android boot animations a lot easier job!. However, a problem arises when you need to create your own bootanimation from scratch, as it’s not always generated during the build process.

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ThemeMachine Tool Makes It Easier To Port Theme

How To Create updater-script (GUI Based) 4

The ThemeMachine is a theming tool, which makes it easier to port a theme. Its writen in batch and executeable on every Windows. It copies all PNG-files (this includes .9.png) from one APK into another one, preconditioned the file exists in the destination APK.

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