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BBM Android User Guide (BETA)

To view the BBM For Android User Guide, simply click the image below.
bbm for android user guide

With BBM, you can chat and share in real-time with your BBM contacts and groups. For example, you can share pictures, see when someone has read your message or is typing a reply, and update your BBM status or picture. Share your news with multiple people using broadcast messages, multiperson chats, and group chats.

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With BBM Groups, you can plan events, track to-do lists, share pictures, and chat with up to 30 people at the same time without needing to add them all as BBM contacts.

You can use BBM over a Wi-Fi connection, such as while you’re travelling to avoid extra data charges. Some wireless service providers offer ways for you to check your data usage so that you know whether your service plan is appropriate for how you use your device.