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9.PNG Drawable Tool

In addition to graphical files, Android supports XML drawables and 9-patch graphics. XML drawables are used to describe shapes (color, border, gradient), state, transitions and more. 9-patch graphics are used to define which part of a graphic should be stretched if the view which uses this graphic is larger than the graphic.

9.PNG Drawable Tool

1.Download the zip file.
2. Extract it including the .dll file.
3. Run the .exe file.
*Note: Both files need to be in the same place in order to activate the program!
4. Choose the source drawable density
5. Choose the drawable you want to resize
6. Choose which densities you want to export to
7. Choose the destination folder. The program will create a folder for each density selected (if the folder doesn’t exist), and then insert the resized drawables to their right place
8. Press Go!
9. Enjoy!

Download this tool “9.PNG Drawable Tool”