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How To Root Lenovo A3500

In this Tutorial we will show you how to root your Lenovo A3500 with the framaroot 1-Click-Root Tool coming from alephzain. Thanks to framaroot you will only need a few minutes to root your Lenovo A3500.

Root Ampe A78 Tablet PC

Own an Ampe A78? Want to root it with a 1-click app? Framaroot is for you. FramaRoot can root your Ampe A78 with the touch of a button, followed by a reboot, and done. It seriously, is that simple.

How To Root Allview A5 Duo

If you’re the proud owner of an Allview A5 Duo you can now take full control of your device—that is, obtain root access—via an on-device rooting tool called FramaRoot. I used it this morning to root Allview A5 Duo, and can confirm...